Lazy Eye Games Treatment

Lazy Eye and Amblyopia Treatment

As one of the most common causes of visual impairment, amblyopia affects nearly 3 percent of the population. It occurs as a result of improper brain processing, causing the weaker eye to be suppressed by the stronger eye. People with lazy eye will not be able to focus properly with one of their eyes – the eye with impaired vision (amblyopia) will not receive clear images.
Treatment options for this condition include patching the stronger eye to make the weaker one work more. However, this form of treatment has only been successful in children.
Playing the lazy eye game requires information to be sent to both eyes, making them work cooperatively. By making both eyes cooperate, the amblyopic brain is able to relearn as a result of an increase in the level of plasticity in the brain.
The patients who played the game with both eyes experienced significant improvement in their vision of the weaker eye after only two weeks.
The monocular patching group also saw moderate improvements, however, this improvement increased substantially when they started dichoptic training.
Lazy Eye Games designed for people with Lazy Eye/Amblyopia. Lazy Eye Games also fit for adults.


  • Lazy eye and Amblyopia is a visual disorder in which the brain partially or wholly ignores input from one eye.

  • Game has been found to be effective at treating adult amblyopia, also known as 'lazy eye', according to new research conducted by scientists.

  • Playing these games requires information to be sent to both eyes, making them work cooperatively.

  • By making both eyes cooperate, the amblyopic brain is able to relearn as a result of an increase in the level of plasticity in the brain.

Lazy Eye Games

You can download the games by clicking one of the image below

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Setup the correct colors in the game

Lazy Eye Games can help on amblyopic\lazy eye. With proper settings the apps are able to force the brain to use the inputs from both eyes simultaneously in this way teach the brain to the proper image processing.
In each app you can find a possibility to adjust colors of specific elements of the game.

e.g.: In Lazy Eye Blocks you can choose one type of color for the falling blocks and another color for the landed blocks.
The concept is the same in all games.
So as an example in the Lazy Eye Blocks you should choose the best colors what are fit to your 3D glasses.
The goal is to make the falling blocks visible to only one eye and the landed blocks visible to only the other one. While you adjusting the falling\landed blocks colors close one of the eyes and see only with the other eye while you trying to pick up the best color.
After you picked up the first color open the closed eye and close the previously opened eye and adjust the other color.
Always make sure that only one of the eyes can see the left or the right color.
Playing the game requires information to be sent to both eyes, making them work cooperatively.


  • Play the game also beneficial for adults?

    Yes, this type of apps have been found to be an effective exercise even for adults because it is based on the team work of the eyes and force both eyes to work together.

  • What kind of 3D glasses can I use with the game?

    The game works with any type of anaglyph 3D glasses. But if you want to make the color setup really easy then I suggest one of these glasses.

  • If I want to train my right amblyopic eye, should it (right eye) see the left color or the right?

    You can play with the left right colors as you wish but... e.g: If you have an amblyopic right eye then you adjust to be invisible for your right eye a moving game object and only see the not moving game object and left eye should see the moving game object and not the not moving game object ones. In this way the game is a bit easier than if chage up the colors. If you change up the two colors then the amblyopic eye should follow the moving game object what is a bit harder to do. So I suggest to start with the easier way then after 2-3 weeks change up the colors.

  • I have normal prescription glasses what should I do?

    You should wear an anaglyph 3D glasses while you exercising (if you have prescription glasses then you should wear the 3D glasses over it).

  • I have strabismus (misaligned eyes), what should I do?

    If you have strabismus then the usage of the games can lead to diplopia. Don't play the games if you have uncorrected strabismus because uncorrected strabismus can lead to diplopia. Strabismus most of the time can be corrected by using prism glasses or undergoing eye muscle surgery. Use the games at your own risk and regularly consult with your optometrist, eye specialist and a vision therapist and if you have any bad experience or just not feel that it is good then stop applying the games.

  • How long should I play the game?

    You should play the game 40-60 minutes each day. You can split up that into 2 or 3 20 minutes sessions if you feel this more comfortable. The most important is to be able to concentrate in the timeframe while you exercising so if you tired just take a rest and continue later or sometimes you can skip a day to give your brain enough time to adapt the new inputs.

  • How long should I play to see improvments?

    In general you can notice improvment just after two weeks of usage.

  • I was not able to make each colors totally invisible for the my other eye can I play the game?

    If you have problems to setup the colors after you have read the instructions then you probably own a low contrast 3D glasses I would suggest one of these. A higher contrast glasses (more darker) more easier to setup the colors to be invisible, with a low contrast glasses you should choose a very bright color to accomplish that. This is why a high contrast or darker glasses fits better to the game. If you were able to setup the colors just you were not able to make completely invisible the blocks but you can see when you play with one eye or both eyes then you are good with the settings and you can play the game it will be beneficial just always pay attention what see and concentrate to use both eyes together.

  • I need something to motivate myself what can I do?

    I recommend to learn more about the topic and the best start can be a great book Fixing My Gaze by Susan R. Barry. Don't be afraid it's very enjoyable because the author writes her own personal experience as well beside the scientific insights.

  • I have found a bug what should I do?

    If you encounter with any issue please write me an email ( where you can describe the problem in details and provide the following information also: application name, platform, device type, resolution.

  • I have an idea to improve an existing game what can I do? \ I have a new game idea what can I do?

    Feel free to send me an email ( I will take you idea into consideration.